Plus: When skills should trump credentials in hiring; what we can learn from Texas about land management; and meet another new FREOPP scholar
Presenting my plan to hold colleges accountable for student outcomes, complete with model legislation
Plus: Why a “shame list” won’t change higher ed, but FREOPP’s model legislation could; our scholar team grows; and save the date in November 2023
Plus: Decarbonizing the U.S. with nuclear fusion; and why it took two decades to get low-cost alternatives to a popular and costly prescription drug
Also: state governments fight credential inflation, and the Biden administration tries to shame low-quality colleges.
Plus: Evaluating Biden administration proposals to increase federal student loan subsidies and nationalize housing policy; and what health care has to…
Plus: Lessons learned from Seattle and San Antonio on housing and education; and towards a smart, bipartisan approach to criminal justice reform
Also: Biden expands income-driven repayment, and Texas overhauls community college funding.
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