Plus: Assessing the Inflation Reduction Act’s effect on energy prices; and an opportunity to promote—and expand—freedom and progress
Plus: Helping students recover from COVID school closures; how cash payments affect those who receive them; and Trump’s misguided approach to crime
Plus: Avik and Gregg's take on Democrats’ prescription drug bill; and a chance to preview—and vote on—our SXSW panel
Plus: More policy victories; reforming America’s approach to nuclear energy; and ways to join our team
Plus: Ohio fixes its rent-control blunders; assessing the new crypto bill; and podcasts for your summer travels
Plus: An education milestone in Arizona; the failures of higher ed accreditors; and a new federal database for police misconduct
Plus: Rethinking zoning to expand affordable housing; Bitcoin’s role as a reserve currency; and the regressive nature of inflation
Plus: Bitcoin’s role in battling inflation; bringing geniuses to America; and a Medicare policy that puts rural hospitals at risk
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